Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Jesus I Know

Peace enters into my heart as your sacred name lands upon my lips. Sweet like honey, your words find their place in my soul. 

You lead me to green meadows. You sit with me beside still waters. Your wisdom fills my thoughts as I ponder the richness of your splendor. 

Radiant like the sun, your eyes stare into mine with a passion I cannot explain. You cover me with your wings, you guide me into your fold. 


Your name is sweet. 

I am a withering tree without the water from your heart. Fill me with your well of love and I will live.

What do you see in a man like me? That you would even consider showing your grace? 

My King, I kneel before you.

My Father, I stand in awe.

My Savior, I weep of joy.

Sovereign Lover, find me, search my heart. Know me and consume my thoughts. 

In all of this Lord, I am speechless. No words can describe how I feel except this...


-Daniel Maldonado

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