Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The discipline of being a disciple.

If being a disciple of Jesus was easy, we'd all be flourishing in our faith.

The difficulty is our attachment to the things in the world that vie for our worship. The "world" in and of itself is not bad. God has declared His creation good.

The problem is where our hearts stand. Do we bow before the King? Or do we worship at the altar of career, possession, and lust?

It takes serious discipline to love, to turn the other cheek, to walk that extra mile. Every facet of our lives must be occupied with the Spirit with no room for compromise. This is the challenge of the Gospel.

Whats more, we were not called to make followers of all nations. Many people can "follow" Jesus. We are called to make DISCIPLES of all nations.

There is one prerequisite for this: be a disciple.

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