Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sitting in the back seat

It becomes apparent in Genesis 1 that there is a hierarchy being established as God creates everything. This hierarchy can be seen as God creates man to rule over the earth. The writer of Genesis 1 (which is traditionally seen as Moses) isn't interested in the how of creation as much as he is in the why.

Hierarchy is extremely important in understanding creation as a whole. There is an immediate hierarchy between the relationship with God and humans from the beginning. God creates man, places him at the top of the hierarchy of His creation and gives him his vocation.

When I was going to lunch today, I noticed something that came automatic to me. My co-worker was driving and our boss was coming with us. I defaulted to sitting in the back seat to allow my boss to take the front seat. This was the manifestation of hierarchy. Although there would be nothing wrong with me sitting in the front, it was a matter of "knowing my place" in the hierarchy of my company. My boss is above me and as a result has the authority to control my actions within the scope of my job. Giving him the front seat was a way of recognizing this hierarchy.

All of life runs in this way. There is always a hierarchy. Watch the animal kingdom and see hierarchies take place. Work for a company and its immediately important.

Hierarchy is important in running things.

Jesus stands as the sole owner of His kingdom. He has appointed His people to do a certain job. We live and breath in an everlasting hierarchy and to understand this is to understand creation.

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