Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Standing below Scripture

With all of our ideas, philosophy, theology, and other scholarly endeavors (be it in school or not) there is the very real temptation to stand above Scripture in criticism not realizing that ultimately Scripture stands above us.

If we don't handle the Word of God with fear and trembling, we can make the fatal - and I mean that in a serious sense - mistake of making the Word of God a book at your disposal, ready to be used for your purposes rather than His.

Theology is necessary. Philosophy is important. Most Pastors in the evangelical realm have very little discipline in this area, which is a tragedy. But they exist as parts of the whole. Approaching Holy Scripture as a spiritual species is vital. The Bible is a Spiritual book first, not in the pagan sense, but in the sense that it is full of the Spirit. It is the living word of God, not simply a book of disposed historical facts or sayings.

I say all this as a reminder to myself. I approach the Word with my head low, not taking the study of it as a light task with highlighters and notes as if it were a text book.

This is Spiritual food, Holy Testimony. It stands above all of us.

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