Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why, Lord?

Why have I been chosen to know your name? How is it that you should come to me? Am I not a wretch? Am I not depraved? What have I done that I should even see the shadow of your presence?

Have I not trespassed against you? Have I not cursed at your name? How is it that you continually seek me, always seeking where I dwell? Do I not carry the appearance of a wicked creature to your eyes?

How is it that I can place your sweet name upon my iniquitous lips without the burning of my soul? Have I not scourged you? Have I not my self accused you only to have you punished? Have I not denied you?

Where is the light in my soul? Where can I find it in such a wicked place? I deserve nothing from you, yet you continually give to me.

Who am I, my Lord, my righteous King? Who am I that I should have you?

I am nobody.

Jesus, son of the Blessed, I am yours.

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